Sunday, 15 February 2015

Reflection of China's economic growth

I think that China's economic growth and opening up of their country to international trade will allow China to gain more profit as there will be more trade and businesses opportunities. There are many countries want to trade with China since China is a big country and their corporate tax rate is one of the lowest which lead to many chances for gaining more profit. With more trading partners, China's economic growth will be even higher. There will also be more employment between countries and this will decrease the amount of unemployed citizens and increase the GDP per capita. China will also be able to improve their bilateral ties between other countries as there are interactions with each other. However, with higher economic growth and more businesses, there will be more factories and industrialization which will result in pollution. The PSI in China is very high with 100 as normal. Many citizens were sick and some children even die of lung cancers due to the polluted air they breathe in. 

The possible implications on Singapore is Singapore will have more businesses as we can trade with one more country which is China. There will be more proft for Singapore and also be able to form friendship between the two countries. Singapore is also able to set up businesses in China and by doing so, there will be more jobs available for the unemployed citizens as they can go to China to work. Since China has strong economic growth, they are very trustable and Singapore can sell products to China's market. 

In conclusion, with the economic growth in China, there will be many countries willing to work with China and trade when China opens up to international trade. It is profitable not only for China but to other countries as well. But China should also think about their environment. With more money but resulting in citizens getting unhealthy is not good.

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