Sunday, 3 May 2015

Pre Trip Task

1) The cost of a standard 4/5 room HDB flat (around 90-100 sq m) in Punggol: $350000 (4 room, 90 sq km)
2) The current cost of a brand new Toyota Vios: SG$130 888
3) -The cheapest 10kg packet rice from a local supermarket:
    -The cheapest one liter drinking mineral/distiller water from a local supermarket:
    -The cheapest fresh whole chicken (refrigerated not frozen)  from a local supermarket:
    -Do provide plastica bag and how are they used?
    -Who are the cashiers (age. Nationality) and what kind of service do they provide?
    -Cheapest one liter of cooking oil from a local supermarket:
4) How much is your school fee? SG citizen: $28
5) How much is one litre of patrol (95 unleaded): $2.024
6) How much is one movie ticket on a weekend? Adult- $9.96 Children- $8.66
7) What is the average salary of a Singaporean? $3770
8) One Big Mac meal: $3.342

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