Friday, 22 May 2015

Taiwan trip slides summary

Group 1
Location: Eternal golden castle 
A defensive castle in Aiping, built in 1874 by Qing government 
It is 3 hectors in size
It was built by Shen Baozhen which was used as a fort for coastal defense and a fortress to resist Japanese troop during the wars.
But after Japanese invasion, the canons were sold for funds for Russo-Japnese war.
Group 2
Location: Liu He night market 
Temperature range from 19.9 degree to 21.5 degree, tropical climate.
When the rain come, the stalls will continue businesses but some will open later due to preparation 
Main food sold is seafood as Tainan is close to the sea. The whole night market needs about 30 min to walk through.
Things to take caution: 
We need to check if the food is fresh, especially seafood. Taiwan is a hot bed do Hepatitis due to hygiene problems so we need to be very careful with the food we bought.
Group 3
Location: Anping Old Fort
English: Fort Zeelandia Fortress by a Dutch East India
It is over 300 years old, there is Inner fort and outer fort.
The fort's first priority was to strength defense of trade route and was previously named as orange city due to the color of the bricks used. It is now a museum.
Group 4
Location: 921 earthquake museum of Taiwan
Located in Wufeng, Taichung Taiwan.
This museum is dedicated to the 921 earthquake, to remind the public of the earthquake and learn from the incident to prevent such thing happen again.
The earthquake was on 21/09/1999, at 1.47 am. It was a 7.3 magnitude earthquake and claimed 2321 lives, 8000+ injured, financial cost billions.
Group 5
Location: Ten Drum Culture Village
This village has an area of 5 hector. People visits this place to stay far from the bustling city and enjoy a quiet life.
History: in 2005, ten drum art percussion group took over and renovated it. Although it has a conservative design but there are  high facilities. Since New Year 2007, it has been accessible for the public and become a new culture landmark for South Taiwan.
There are 2 mascots, gu wa, female and Shiher, male for the village.
The Icon of Ten Drum's spirits to be tough.
There is an unique activity called water treatment tank.
Group 6
Location: Anping Old Street ( Yanping Old Street ) ( Taiwan First Street )
It is the Oldest street in Tainan. Anping was originally Dutch settlement in Tainan.
Along the street, many "old houses" can be seen such as brick houses, western style houses.
These Houses, although old but can survive earthquakes. However, they are prone to erosion by rain. Thus, people put minerals on the wall to prevent erosion.

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