Thursday, 30 July 2015

Cost of living( individual )

When I was in Taiwan, during the last few days, I visited our sister school and I questioned some of the buddies on their satisfaction in cost of living in Taiwan. After asking them, I realised that there are different costs in different areas. For normal markets like wet markets ( 菜市场 ), the prices are acceptable, in fact it's quite cheap. People think the price worth the quality. But markets like supermarkets, shopping mall, it's a bit expensive. For normal households, they would think the price is expensive but for the richer households, it's acceptable. Due to the high price, the normal households seldom goes there to buy items. Items like clothings would also depends on the place you buy, usually would be below 500 TWD.Lastly, cigarettes and alcohols are actually much cheaper than in Singapore.
In conclusion, the people in Taiwan thinks the cost of living is acceptable and satisfied with it. Though some items are expensive, they think the quality worth such prices and thus accepted them.

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