Sunday, 2 August 2015

Education ( individual )

Thoughts & observation
In Taiwan, I attended one of sec 4 math lesson. I observed that in Taiwan classes, boys and girls are all separated, tablemates are all of the same gender. During the lesson, we have an activity where we are separated in two groups and do a group test. The teacher expects us to work out the questions together. The students there are very friendly. They know that we are from sec 2 and thus the question standard is too high for us so the gave us the easier questions to try them out. I realize the students have a strong team spirit. They know what their classmates are good at and thus let them handle certain questions. It was very impressive as I think not many of my classmates knows what each other is good at. After this activity, the teacher went through the questions. The students are very attentive. I realize the students and the teacher has a very special relationship. They looks like friends and give the feeling of normal friends but yet, very respectable when the teacher is teaching and having lessons.
I think that the Taiwanese students have very good self control. They know when to have fun and when to be serious. Their team spirit is very strong too, working together has no problem at all. They know how to face the problem and come up with a solution. I think the students actually treat their classroom as their own house. There are snacks, drinks and little items. But even though they eat in class, their classroom is still very clean and in good condition. I think this is something we have to learn from them. Often, our classroom is very dirty as we do not care much about the hygiene and cleanliness of the class. The experience I had in this class was very pleasant and fun. It was unforgettable.

Life of a student in Taiwan
I asked some buddies about their normal school lives. They told me it was tiring but they got used to it. The homework amount is around the same as Singapore but they have self study period so they could get them done before going home. Apparently, many of them have tuition after school hours so having self study period actually helped them to cope with their amount of homework. For tuition, it's often late at night till 8 plus. It further explains the subject and at the same time, preview the upcoming topics, to make the students cope better in class. In school, they do not have canteen like ours in Singapore. Their meals are fixed and changed daily. Most of them do not like the food due to their tastes. As for sleeping time, some sleep quite early, some are quite late. Those sleeping late is either due to revision, or playing games. I asked them if their studies would help them when they go to the society. They told me in their opinions, it's not really useful at all since the thing they learn is just memorizing informations. I think that their school life is no much different from school lives of students in Singapore. Except, we don't have self study period and we have a better privilege of food since we have a canteen. We face the same problems and some of us also have tuition late at night. The tuition have the same purpose, understands the subject better and preview on the upcoming topics. In the level of tiredness, both are the same.
Some examples of the Taiwan students' homework

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