Monday, 9 March 2015

Reflection on Assessment 1 Presentation

I think that for this assessment, I didn't exert my whole potential since I was nervous when I was up there presenting. I think that I did not choose the picture well since I had a better idea which I did not discover when I was choosing my picture. While preparing for the speech, I was too focused on describing the picture instead of inferring the messages that the artist was trying to convey to the audience. I think that I should have thought more throughly about the picture I should choose since it will affect the delivery and grade of the presentation,

Well for the class, I think that most of them are very nervous and cut short on the content of their presentation since this was the first presentation we had this week. But some of them are confident in their delivery hence, I think I that I should learn from them, preparing well and speaking with confidence. 

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