Monday, 30 March 2015

Reflection on Suzhou industrial park

The Suzhou industrial park was a collaboration between singapore and China. China wanted to use singapore as a role model for their growth, and this collaboration was used to let China learn from singapore. Thus, the signed the agreement, and Singapore started the project. However, what Singapore didn't realise is that prders from the top do not nessecarily carry out to the bottom, due to the fact that Singapore has a higher share in the park, and there was a competing park where the local government had a higher share, this caused the local government to neglect that park and focus on the local park instead. Singapore then lowered its shares, and it now turns in a profit. I think that this shows that Singapore had a lot to learn from working with other countries. Singapore is a small country which makes it easier to carry out the order, so the government is much more efficient and all orders are carried out from top to bottom. However, other countries are not like that. Thus, I think that to truly cooperate with other countries, they will need to use these methods, and make sure that the agreement is carried out.

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