Monday, 9 March 2015

Reflection on presentation

I think that this assignment is a good experience for me. When I was preparing my presentation, I was very confident with my content. I think that I can do well this time and practiced many times in front of mirrors and family members. I have stage fright so the presentation assignment was a great deal for me. When I saw my classmates presenting so confidently, I became more and more nervous, it became more and more scary for me. So when I had my speech, I was very scared and I stammered throughout the presentation. I think it was badly done and was depressed. But after this assignment, I did better in my English presentation. I was not as scared as I was for CID presentation. I think after some experience will help me overcome my stage fright little by little. I felt relieved after my presentation.
I think all my other classmates did better than me. They were confident and did not stammer much. They do not seem scared or anything but presented leisurely. I actually hope that I can be as confident as them. But I think if I can do more presentation and speech, I might be able to overcome my stage fright. I think this type of assignment will be very useful for me.

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