Monday, 3 August 2015

Cost of Living (Individual)

When we visited Taiwan, I asked my buddy and my buddy's mother about the cost of living there and they said that the cost of living was quite okay since they were accustomed to it. I have heard that the average salary was about the same as Singapore with things sold being at a higher price as compared with their average salary. I believe my buddy's family is one of the richer ones since I was brought to a department store and got treated to food. They have also expressed their opinion on our school fees, which is about SGD15 per month since they had to pay NTD50 000 - NTD60 000 per month on my buddy's school fees since she is in the special music talent class. In Taiwan, there isn't much of government subsides since they were impressed by the impressed amount of government subsidies that the Singapore government has provided for us. But, they have adapted to this and accepted it. Hence, we can conclude that the Taiwanese has accepted the cost of living of their country.

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