Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Thoughts and observations 
In Taiwan, I attended a biology lesson. The teacher is very enthusiastic in teaching and the students seemed to enjoy it very much. We had like a little debate about whether we should keep animals in zoos. The teacher allowed students to go up and express their thoughts freely. The students were very proactive in expressing their thoughts. Even if their answer if wrong or irrelevant,  they are not afraid of making mistakes in front of their classmates and learn with their friends. I think that this attitude in learning is very good as it allows students to understand the lessons better by letting the teacher correcting their mistakes. In Singapore, when the teacher asks a questions, students seems to try to avoid and remain silent. Even if a teacher calls a students out to answer, the students will just shrug it off with a poor answer. I also observed that students also have a strong team spirit. They will do the discussions together and will help each other when they are in doubt. I also feel that the teachers have a strong sense a trust in the students. For example, students have the freedom of bringing snacks and drinks to classrooms. This shows a high level of trust given to the students. They are trusted to not dirty the classrooms and dispose the empty cans properly. I observe that the classrooms are very clean. In our class, we do not really care about the hygiene and cleaniness of our classrooms and it's often dirty. We should definitely learn from them. 

Life of a student in Taiwan 
I asked my buddy about their curriculum timetable and found out that they feel stressed and tiring. They start school at 7.15am and self study till 8.25am. They end school at 5pm and have CCAs every single day. Most of the students have tuition after school and usually sleep at 11pm to continue studying. The tuitions usually helps helps the students to understanding better what is taught in school or preview upcoming topics. They do not eat in canteen but eat in classes. They told me that the studying requires a lot of memory work and their topics are rather informative. For example, one of their history questions is when did the Chinese revolution happen. 1911. Our history questions requires thinking and inferring from the source. 

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