Monday, 3 August 2015

Education (Individual)

b. Thoughts and observations on behavior in class and style of teaching.

When we visited the class, I've noticed that the students are extremely proactive. They raise their hands at every question, as if they will win a prize for every correct answer. This is unlike in Singapore when the students don't dare to answer even when the question is a simple one like 'What are the tests for congruency'. I think that Singaporeans should learn from them since with constant speaking up in class, the students will have their mistakes corrected and they will learn more from this.

I have also observed that the class runs by the students reading up on the topic before the lesson. This shows the immense amount of trust between the student and the teacher. The students are trusted to read up and the teachers would continue on the topic with notes that needs the prior knowledge from the textbook that the students are trusted to do. This is extremely different in Singapore where the teachers supply the students with notes that cover the content in the textbook since they think that the students would not read up on the topic. I feel that the trust between students and teachers are more prominent in the Taiwan case since the teachers in Taiwan are friendly towards the students, like the both of them are friends but in Singapore, the teachers and students only share a teacher-student relationship.

c. Write about the life of a student in Taiwan.

The life of a normal class student will be that they will wake up at 6.45am and get ready for school, reaching school at around 7am before the Self-study period that starts at 7.15am, which is their first lesson. They will have school till 5.05pm with 10 minute breaks in between lessons and a lunch break. They will have tuition from 5.30pm to 8pm where they will be taught on the topics in school, but more in depth. After their tuition, they will reach home at about 8.30pm where they will do their necessities like showering, eating and spending time with their families before heading to revise or do their homework till about 11pm when they will sleep. Some may sleep later due to revision or longer leisure hours. This schedule is based on the timetable of a Taiwanese net friend from Sacred Hearts High School.
History Notes of Taiwanese students

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