Sunday, 5 April 2015

Blog work 30/3/15

In this lesson, I have learnt that China in the Tang Dynasty was in a 'golden age', which is a time of prosperity. The leaders of this Dynasty contributed a lot to the country, for example by picking out the best scholars in the country to be a member of the government to govern the country based on their results in the civil examination, not by the amount of money their parents give the civil examiner.

When I read about that, I came to realize that what the ruler did for China during the Tang Dynasty was a lot like what the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew did for Singapore. Mr Lee implemented laws that he believes to be important for the country even when he knows that it would not be popular. For example, Mr Lee believed that Singapore's most important asset on the future will be the people hence he strongly implemented the rule that all Singaporean children must be educated. Because of this, Singapore has became a fast-growing city with talented businessmen spread across the world. Those talented people made a name for Singapore and more foreign investors started to invest in Singapore and its businesses, hence growing our economy and letting us be in a 'golden age' of our own now.

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