Sunday, 12 April 2015

Reflection On Suzhou Industrial Park

To make Suzhou Industrail Park happen, Singapore and China collaborated and established it, However, at that time, there was another park built that Suzhou Industrial Park had to compete with. Because of the new park, Suzhou Industrial Park suffered much loss. This resulted in Singapore losing much money as well. Although China had a part of Suzhou Industrail Park, Singapore held the larger share of the park, hence it affected Singapore more. Also, China had other parks that could compensate the loss they made from Suzhou Industrial Park. Through this incident, I think Singapore has also learnt that we should actually think and plan twice before making a decision so as to not make a loss. Nevertheless, we have already learnt our lessons about businesses and we will not make the same mistake twice. Instead of losing, we will make profits instead.

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