Sunday, 12 April 2015

Do you think the Merlion would make the best national icon to representSingapore? 6/7/15 Blogwork

I think that Singapore Girl is the best national icon to represent Singapore. It is important to have a national icon because it represents Singapore to the world and foreigners are likely to remember us by our national icon. The Singapore Girl will be a great Singapore icon because it is the first thing foreigners see whenever they come to Singapore via Singapore airlines. In her distinctively colourful sarong kebaya, the Singapore Girl walks with timeless elegance and charms you with her gentle smile. Singapore airlines flies almost everywhere in the world and the Singapore Girl is the first impression to other foreigners. Therefore, it is widely recognised by other foreigners who take Singapore airlines. The Singapore Girl gives foreigners their first look and have impressions of Singapore. The Singapore Girl is exceptionally cheerful and helpful and this will give foreigners a feeling that Singaporeans must be to very friendly. The main idea we are using to support that the Merlion is our national icon is the first impression it gives to foreigners about Singapore. If the Singapore Girl is made our national icon, Singapore must work hard to strive better in airline service and hospitality. It is important to allow foreigners to feel positive about the service of Singapore Airlines whenever they take them because it reflects on our nation as a whole, how good we are. 

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