Sunday, 12 April 2015

Do you think the Merlion would make the best national icon to represent Singapore?

I think that Merlion would make the best national icon for Singapore. First of all, the need to have a national icon is to allow props from other countries to immediately think of theat particular country upon seeing the icon. A national icon is important as it represents a nation and can be identified easily by others. So the purpose of making the Merlion our national icon is to allow others to know that they are in Singapore and know it represents Singapore the moment they saw the Merlion. Although there are other icons can be our national icon such as the orchid flower, but Merlion is the best. It is very unique and I believe it's one of its kind. It also best describes Singapore, the lion city which was presented with the lion head. As for the fish body, it means that Singapore was a fishing village and fishing is their main source of income. 
Merlion can be seen as a representative of Singapore from the following evidence. Singapore has a Merlion park and other tourists attractions also have Merlions in them such as Sentosa and Marina bay. By having them in tourists attractions, it means that Merlion is an important part of Singapore. Furthermore, many tourists will definitely knows about Merlion when they come to Singapore. This proofs that Merlion is representing Singapore.
One main criteria to support Merlion as our national icon is it must be accepted by majority of the Singaporeans and other countries will know what country it represents upon seeing it. This will allow us to know the importance and significance of the Merlion.
Having a national icon will allow people to have a sense of belonging of the country. They would be bonded with this icon as whenever foreigners were to ask about that particular country, the people will definitely show them their national icon and sayit proudly that this icon represents us and everyone else in this country. Same goes to us, having Merlion as a national icon, though it looks unrealistic and maybe wierd and strange to some people, it still represents a nation and people living in this nation.
With the above information, I believe I have gathered the appropriate informations to prove Merlion is our national icon. Though there might be other infomations and evidence but I think this is sufficient enough. If we make Merlion as our icon, whenever there's foreigners visiting Singapore, the first item we will introduce to them would be the Merlion, to show it represents us. I think in order to adopt the Merlion as our national icon, Merlions should be should as souvenirs to the tourists and Merlion park should be a must go tourists attractions to let them know about the Merlions.
In conclusion, I think Merlion would make the best national icon for Singapore.

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