Sunday, 19 April 2015

Culture about the folks in Taiwan

The Taiwanese are mostly very traditional in their views, except from the Taiwanese in more modern cities. This caused a cultural rift between Taipei and Tainan because taipei is much more modern. They are very careful with money, and very rarely spend a lot in their life styles. However, they are very hospitable towards foreigners from other countries, and often treat them to extravagant meals and parties. Since we are going to Tainan, I will be talking more about the people in Tainan. They tend to be more traditional then the people in Taipei, and thus they think that it is more important to respect seniority in the family. It is very important to use the correct term to address them. Also religious traditions are more strictly followed. They also like to bargain, and thus prefer to go to night markets that allow the, to bargain.

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