Sunday, 5 April 2015

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I have learnt that Tang Dynasty was considered as China's golden age. China prospered in terms of increase of wealth and urbanization, arts and literature. In the middle of the 700s, possibly the best poets in Chinese history named Li Bai and Du Fu were writing. The two poets survived the An Lushan Rebellion, and the hardships colored and tempered their poetry to touch even the hearts of modern Chinese. The Tang court used examinations to appoint many Confucian scholars to the ruling bureaucracy. These examinations tested the candidates' literary skills and knowledge of Confucian texts.

Mr Lee was a lot like the ruler in Tang Dynasty. Singapore started out as a new, undeveloped country with no natural resources. However, Singapore had 2 million people. Mr Lee felt that our only asset was out people. Therefore, he emphasised greater on education for children. Having educated people was the key to success. He also made English the standard language because this can allow people to connect with the world and make Singapore a popular trading partner and investors from all around the world can easily trade with us. This allowed us to make profit. 

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