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Food-history, facts, must try's

For those who hail from Taiwan, it's common knowledge that the city of Tainan, located on the southern part of the island, is its food capital. Known as "the City of Snacks," Tainan is where people flock to try some of the most delicious and unique dishes of Taiwan.Meals come in the form of very small plates, seafood is dominant, and unlike northern Taiwan, the dishes tend to be much sweeter (Tainan was once at the hub of sugar production).

Some local delicacies 
1. Danzai Mian 
Chih Kan Peddler's Noodles is a famous dan zai noodle joint that opened with just two tables in 2003. They're famous for minced meat noodles, which are yellow oil noodles with a light shrimp broth and topped with stewed minced pork, boiled shrimp, coriander, black vinegar, and garlic. It sounds and looks simple, but what makes this particular version so amazing is the complexity of flavors in each bite. Even the boiled shrimp is perfectly cooked.

2. Rouzao Fan (minced pork over rice)
Another simple but addictive dish. The people in Tainan know how to make this dish right. Each cube of pork is extremely tender and fat. The sauce really smothers the white rice with flavour. 

3. Shimu Yu (Milkfish Soup)
Milkfish soup is a southern Taiwanese specialty. This particular version was garnished with slices of ginger and brewed in a miso paste. The fish is flaky, slightly sweet, and has a texture similar to cooked salmon.

Must Try's 👍👍
1. Beef soup 
Beef soup, not to be confused with Taipei’s famous beef noodles, is one of Tainan’s most famous dishes. Best eaten in the morning or afternoon, the beef in this soup is incredible. Beef soup’s claim to fame is that they only use beef from cows that have been slaughtered that morning, making the beef incredibly tender and fresh. There is nothing else in the soup besides beef, making the meat the sole focus. The soup isn’t very filling though, which makes it a perfect breakfast.

2. Coffin cake 
Another one of Tainan’s specialties, coffin cake can only be found in Tainan. Coffin cake consists of a large slice of fresh homemade bread with the center cut out. The hole is filled with chicken and vegetable chowder and covered with the bread lid, thus creating a “coffin” for the chowder. A Taiwanese take on Western food, this delicious hybrid is a little hard to find. 

3. Fish ball soup 
The fish balls are made from fresh fish, and the broth is thick and full of flavor. 

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