Monday, 13 April 2015

Is Merlin the best national icon?

I think that the Merlin is not the best national icon. It is no doubt recognizable to a lot of people, but I feel that it can't represent the modern Singapore. What the Merlin represents is the finding of Singapore, and its origin is shrouded in legend. How can we use a creature that is not even real to represent Singapore? It stands only as an icon of sangnila utama, about how he found Singapore. But today's Singapore is a modern first world country, and I think that the Merlin cannot represent that. We can use perhaps changi airport, it is the place all foreigners will see when they arrive at Singapore, and it is one of the top in the world. It can represent Singapore  technological advance, and can symbolize modern, I feel that the Merlin comes out from a myth with no great significance, and does not represent Singapores core values, or things that we come to appreciate about Singapore, so the Merlin is not the best representative of Singapore.

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