Sunday, 26 April 2015

Tang Dynasty

Tang Dynasty resulted in the economic growth of China. This is because the Silk Road was opened during the Tang Dynasty.  The Silk Road is opened during the Tang Dynasty, and this opened up trade between the western countries with China. The Tang Dynasty paid special attention to the west, and made an effort to keep good relations and trade with the western powers. That was the main factor that caused Singapore to become such a successful country. Also, in the Tang Dynasty, there were many educated people that caused many businesses to successfully happen. Just like the Tang Dynasty, Singapore is well educated and most of us are bilingual and we can speak in English and Chinese. This allows us to be able to communicate with countries that are economically rich such as China. Today, the port is one of the busiest in Asia. So, Singapore is like the Tang Dynasty as it opened up trade, and that was what made singapore successful.

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