Sunday, 25 January 2015

Broken Telephone

Today, our lesson was very interesting. It was to test us on our communication skills. Firstly, our team members stood in line. Basically, the first person was given a picture and needs to describe it and pass the information of that picture to the second person so on and so forth. The end product drawing of each group were different and we all missed out lots of points and some drawings were simply opposite to the actual picture itself. Through this, I believe some of us learnt that effective communication isn't as easy as it seems. If so, the drawing would have been nearly perfect. This links us back to a thought about OELP. We would be traveling overseas with our friends and thus communication is really important. We have to listen carefully to teachers' instructions as we are in a foreign place.
Below is a picture of our group' end product drawing and it bears only a little resemblance to the actual picture. 

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