Tuesday, 6 January 2015

December Holiday reflection

For my December holiday, I spent majority of the days at home eating snacks and watching anime. But on 5/12/14, I went to AFA(anime festival asia) with Shi hui and Gloria. It was held at Suntec city convention hall annually.
On that day, I was very excited. We meet up early in the morning so that we do not have to queue for a long time for the tickets. It was very fun and everything was new to me since it's my first time going. There are lots of cosplayers and I took photo with them. They look awesome and cool. I also met a famous voice actor for an anime I like and it was an unforgettable experience. Furthermore, there was DJ called DJ TEKINA//SOMETHING aka Yuyoyuppe from Japan and the atmosphere was very high and exciting. But it's a bit disappointing as there were no caf├ęs this year. It was a tiring day but fun and I bought a lot of souvenirs.
That day was very memorable, it feels magical to see all those anime characters to come to 'life'. I hope to go there again next year with my friends.


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