Wednesday, 7 January 2015

December holiday reflection

During the December holidays, I went to Bali, Indonesia, on a 7 day trip. My most memorable expereince is going to lembonggan island to scuba dive. They equipped us with scuba diving gear, and drove us on a boat to the ocean a distance away from the coast, and we went down to the ocean to scuba dive.
   The scuba diving was memorable as we get to see a lot of beautiful coral, and trying out the scuba gear was a new experience. When I first started using it, I drank a lot of sea water, but I carried on, and soon, was able to use the gear. I was very happy that I was able to scuba dive, and I stayed there for a long time. The coral was really very beautiful and colorful, and there was a lot of fishes darting about. I would really want to come back next time again, and see the coral.

  On our return to the beach, our guide caught us some hermit crabs on the beach.
    The hermit crabs were very small, and the guide held it in his hand for us to see. I even held it in my hand(first pic with the hand in blue sleeves), and it was really fun to feel them scuttling about in your hand. It was my first time seeing a hermit crab up close, and it was really fun and entertaining for me.

  In conclusion, the trip to Bali was very fun and I would want to come again.

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