Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Reflection on Lesson on 12/1

During that lesson, we were shown two different pictures: the first depicted a man holding a piece of cardboard that wrote that the items he lost and that he just needed a small amount of money to make a phone call. The other depicted a woman carrying a baby while holding out her hand to beg for money. Our CID2 teacher, Mr Wong, asked us, "If you were given a $100 note, who would you help and why?" In our group, most of us chose to help the woman carrying the baby since they looked pitiful. But I chose to help the man holding the cardboard, because there were many reports about begging syndicates kidnapping children or babies, forcing them to drink or eat medicine that would let them sleep and walk on the streets with them to gain more sympathy and more money. I think the man seemed more trustworthy because he had clearly stated the things he lost and his needs. After some discussion and presentation of our answers, Mr Wong showed us the background of the two beggars and it turned out that I was right! 

This lesson taught me about the importance of the background of people or countries. It had also taught me about poverty, something that can be seen in every country. 


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