Monday, 5 January 2015

December Holiday Reflection

During the December Holidays, the most memorable thing was that I went to Anime Festival Asia, held at Suntec City Convention Hall, with my classmate and group mate Yizhi and my primary school friend. This event was held from 5 December to 7 December. We went there on the first day. Even though it was a morning, there were many people there queuing to buy the ticket and lining up to enter the hall.

We entered the hall at about 9.30am and separated to buy things. I had met the minimum for a lucky draw, so I participated in it. I got a pair of earphones from it! We met and a booth and started to roam about. We took pictures with cosplayers and even went to the DJ-Stage!

The most memorable thing that happened there was that I got an autograph from a popular seiyuu (a job that voices the characters in an anime)! I even managed to hold a proper conversation with him in Japanese! I also managed to get the autograph of a famous cosplayed too!

But, I think that this event is made special because I was with my good friends. We roamed the grounds for approximately 8 hours and only rested for 10 minutes or so for lunch and to rest our feet.

In conclusion, i think that AFA was a memorable event for me in the December holidays.

~Shi Hui :3

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