Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Dwindling population in Singapore

My prediction:
If the population growth in Singapore continues to decline, I predict that in the future, the population of the elderly will be much higher than the younger generation. This will in turn cause the economic growth of Singapore to decline as the efficiency of work will also decline. This is because with lesser younger people but more elderly, there are lesser people working, which results in lesser man power in Singapore since the elderly needs retirement. Furthermore, Singapore is a busy trading port so man power is very important. In the worst case scenario, the port might come to a halt or jammed. So if the population growth in Singapore continues to decline, this will affect Singapore greatly in terms of economic growth.

Singapore can give bonus money for those who give birth since most of the citizen's excuse was not enough money to give birth. The government can welcome more foreigners to work at Singapore so that there will be no worries in lack of man power. Singapore can also educate the young generations and develop them to have a successful career and contribute for the country. 

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