Sunday, 11 January 2015

December Holiday Reflection

I spent my holiday going for CCA, staying at home and traveling to Phuket. I enjoyed traveling to Phuket the most because I get to see a relaxing part of the world. Phuket has many road side stores where they sell food like fried banana, fried fish and many others. In Phuket, the beaches are relaxing because it is very clean and the sceneries are very nice. I had a lot of different experiences in Phuket such as Wakeboarding, shooting a real gun and so on. At first, wake boarding seemed really scary to me as I have never tried it before. However, after riding it for a few times it was not as scary. Although I kept falling into the water, it was definitely a fun experience for me. I also went shooting and realised that what I thought about shooting was different from what it felt like. The gun was very big and very heavy. When the gun shoots, it is very loud and therefore I have to wear ear gear. The gun was also very hot. In conclusion, I had many new experiences in Phuket and it was a really fun family trip.

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