Sunday, 18 January 2015

Poverty in Singapore

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This is a quite common sight for us in Singapore, a simple picture yet displaying a scene of poverty. This is an elderly woman lying on a bench at night with her belongings in a small plastic bag. From my recent research online, according to some campaigners, they said that $5 is what nearly 400,000 Singaporeans are left with paying for utilities, rent, school, loan installments and healthcare. This is a rather shocking find as what can you do with $5 per day to survive? Nowadays, life in singapore becomes more and more tough and poverty gets worse. Hopefully this situation will improve soon and the government will take action.

My experience:
I have seen many poor people and sights of poverty in Singapore. Most of them sell packets of tissues while some with musical background play instruments to cajole people in giving them some money, earning a living. There's an old man below my block, always playing a instrument and begging for money. I gave him a couple of cents before and he thanked me. I always feel happy when they smile and thank me as it makes me feel that I have helped someone in need and that makes me feel good. However, I feel sorry for them as they are already aging and yet need to resort to begging to survive. This makes me appreciate what I have in my life and I shouldn't take things for granted. 

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