Sunday, 18 January 2015

Poverty in Singapore


In this picture, these people pick cardboard sand o not have a proper place to sleep at. I think their main income is from selling the card boards and other rubbish. Most of them are th elderly. It was actually a shock to me as Singapore is a prosperous country and its actually quite rare to see people who does not have a proper place to sleep at. To me, poverty in Singapore means your income is small but you are still able to have a proper place to rest and sleep. 

I have read a report online. It says that in Singapore, poor means people who earns less than $3000. But at year 2002, it means people who earns less than $1000. The poverty rate in Singapore has increased. Furthermore, if Singapore were to compare to other high-income countries, Singapore may be the richest country but we also have the highest poverty rate among them. I initially thought that poverty rate in Singapore should be low since Singapore is so prosperous. But after I researched about poverty in Singapore, the result is actually a shock to me. I realized that I have been oblivious to the society in Singapore. But i also realizes that the definition of poverty in Singapore and other countries is different. For example, in Singapore, people considered poor are those earning less than $3000. But in Africa, the definition of poverty would means people lack of basic human needs such as food and water. However, these people still needs help. I think that if possible, we should help them whenever we are.


Life experience:
Sometime, I would see people performing while begging for money and they are mostly disabled. Some sell tissue paper and snacks. Once there is a man in wheelchair selling 4Ds. A woman took pity of him and give him a $2 note. The man, instead of being grateful, he threw the money away and shouted at the lady for looking down at him. I realized that even though they are poor and their income is low, they have pride and do not want to be looked down at.

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