Sunday, 11 January 2015

December Holidays Reflection (Calyn)

During the November and December break, I enjoyed myself thoroughly after the stressing EOYs and really let my hair down. Even though there were still the tiring CCAs, I went to Australia (Melbourne and Adelaide) for a 2 weeks holiday.

The scenery there is very breathtaking and beautiful. We went sightseeing and visited tons of tourist attractions such as "The 12 Apostles". It was a once in a lifetime experience for me as the color of the waves was around turquoise and dark blue, sand was bright golden and the "apostles" stood at its finest.

There was a day when my family decided to do some strawberry picking. It was my first time and I was really excited. Once I entered the area to pick the strawberries, I was amazed. The strawberries were all very fresh and red and it looks really juicy as well! We could taste some of them and it tasted delicious. We picked the strawberries and weighed them. It was a great experience and I'll definitely do it again in a heartbeat!

In Melbourne, there are lots of shopping outlets which I was glad about as it means I could literally shop till I drop! The food there is great too and the people there are warm and friendly. I also went to the famous Queen Victoria Market. The things sold there are ranging from bottle of jams to candies to skin care products. It was a fantastic experience for me as I could learn about other people's cultures and understand how they live and heir standard of living etc. I love traveling overseas and had a great time last December! :)

-Calyn ^_^

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